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Bring Technology into Every Classroom.
No Robotics Lab Required.

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Unlike other instructional technology products, Accelerate Learning’s Coding programs don’t require clunky hardware or expensive labs. All you need is a computer to introduce your students to the world of coding.

Our STEM coding solutions offer affordable, exciting ways to teach your students how to build and share their own personalized apps and games. No prior coding experience is required to teach—we offer embedded support throughout our curriculum!

We Put the T in the
STEM Classroom

Students that understand coding now are better prepared for any career in the future. And this is just one of the many benefits!

Learning to code

  • Allows students to create content, not just consume it
  • Empowers students to express themselves in really cool ways
  • Provides a safe place for students to take risks and fail
  • Is inclusive and builds self-confidence
  • Supports many principles of mathematics
  • Teaches problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
  • Is a new type of literacy that opens doors to future jobs
  • Develops teamwork and collaborative skills
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Explore Our STEM Coding Programs

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STEMscopes coding

  • Product Description
    Students can build, customize, and share their own apps using typed JavaScript code. Best of all? They can easily complete their projects with minimal teacher guidance. STEMscopes Coding, K-12 Technology | Powered by Bitsbox | Logo
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Mastery coding

  • Product Description
    Transform gamers into makers with an engaging, project-based curriculum where students learn core computer science skills plus web and even game development! Mastery Coding, K-12 Technology | Powered by Bitsbox | Logo
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