About Us

Accelerate Learning provides STEM curriculum and professional development solutions that empower teachers, increase scores, and inspire students to become tomorrow’s STEM leaders. Its award-winning STEMscopes and Math Nation curricula and resources are highly adaptable, accessible, and support instruction in any learning environment. The comprehensive, results-oriented solutions are used by more than 9 million students and 750,000 teachers across the country.


Provide the most effective and widely used digital STEM curricula and resources that empower teachers and enable students to develop problem-solving, innovation, and critical thinking skills necessary to be successful in the future.


Prepare all students for the challenges of tomorrow by leading STEM education today.

For Teachers, by Teachers

"For teachers, by teachers" is not a slogan—it's a fact. STEMscopes was incubated in the classroom and developed by over 200 teachers, science experts, and science professors. Our origins lie in providing teachers a model for implementing inquiry-based learning in the classroom. STEMscopes has always listened to the teachers by taking in feedback, best practices, and the latest pedagogy to develop the most effective STEM curriculum.

Today, more than 8 million students have been served, and Accelerate Learning has over 200 practicing teachers who help write curriculum, field test lessons and assessment items, and review and edit all materials to ensure factual accuracy, so that our curriculum is current and practical for implementation in any type of classroom. Many of our teachers are also certified trainers who train other teachers on how to launch STEMscopes.